Jonas Brothers

Venue name: Prudential Center
Address: 25 Lafayette Street, Newark NJ 07102

Categories: Concerts & Tour Dates
Starts at: 2019.11.22, 20:00


Jonas Brothers Prudential Center, Newark, NJ


Name: Jonas Brothers

With four hit albums, fourteen Teen Choice Awards, a television show, a 3D concert film, and starring roles in two Disney Channel musical movies, the Jonas Brothers are taking the world by storm. Their many appearances on the Disney Channel and sold-out, stadium tour dates have added to their phenomenal musical career and made them a household name. The Jonas Brothers haven't released an album since Lines, Vines and Trying Times in 2009 and, with the brothers busy side projects and personal lives, there doesn't appear to be any new music on the horizon. No new music generally means no tour dates in 2011, so fans shouldn't expect a full concert schedule until the announcement of a new album. The origin of the Jonas Brothers band revolves heavily around the early career of Nick Jonas. In 1999, at the age of seven, Nick began appearing in several Broadway musicals. In 2002, while cast in the role of Chip in Beauty and the Beast, Nick and his father wrote a song called "Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)." The song piqued the interest of the Christian music label, INO, and Nick was soon signed. Soon after, Joe and Kevin both began helping Nick write songs for his debut solo album. Nicholas Jonas released in 2004 and grabbed the attention of Columbia president Steve Greenberg, who signed all three of the brothers as a group. The Jonas Brothers' debut album, It's About Time, received a limited release in 2006. While the singles "Mandy" and "Year 3000" received airplay on Radio Disney and the brothes' tour dates sold fairly well, Columbia was disappointed in the album's performance and dropped the brothers in 2007. A few months later the Jonas Brothers signed with Hollywood Records and continued to perform tour dates and record songs for soundtracks. Their second, self-titled album was released in late 2007 and was much more successful than their first, reaching #5 on the Billboard 200. The album's release was followed by a string of high profile concert dates at awards shows, on television programs, and parades. The Jonas Brothers followed up the album with A Little Bit Longer in 2008. The album built on the group's previous success, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 and selling over half a million copies in its first week alone, leading to sold-out tour dates with thousands of people in attendance. The Jonas Brothers have continued their meteoric rise to fame with Lines, Vines and Trying Times, released in 2009. The album debuted at the top spot on the charts and sold a quarter of a million copies in its first week. The album features a more experimental style characterized by classical string instruments and led to almost symphony-style tour dates. Their lyrical content has also evolved with age, and the record focuses on the struggles of growing up and becoming an adult. Although there are no tour dates for 2011, the Jonas Brothers can be expected to continue their hot streak with a new album and concert schedule in the near future.


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